The Journey

The Journey

My mission is to help millions of people DADs create a LEGACY. We are legacy hackers, and these are our stories…

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You have children and are amazed at how they grow. They become older and you wonder if they really know everything they should.

What if you could change that so that your children accomplish their dreams?

Follow along on our journey as we change the world through our children!

Dad Hacker Manifesto

A Dad Hacker is a NEW BREED OF DAD.








Dad Hackers challenge their lives… and win.

Dad Hackers start without a clue.

“I don’t know what to do” is a four letter word and

“CHANGE” is their middle name.

Dad Hackers never fear, because their capabilities serve themselves and their children and their grandchildren.

Dad Hackers never ask for permission and are confident in the future of their legacy.

A dad hacker creates value and change.

If you asked other dad’s, they’ll tell you that what Dad Hackers are doing is impossible and a waste of time.. Yet it’s happening every single day.

Dad Hackers

DEFINE their own destiny

CREATE their own luck and luck for their children

BUILD legacies

CHANGE the world

LIVE their dreams

Dad Hackers are motivated knowing that they are just one CHANGE away.

I am a Dad Hacker

Creating Change

I’m never actually created a successful online website for myself. I’ve always created websites for others. It’s been my job for years.

This website is different, completely different. I’m not building this for myself, but for a greater good.

I’m building this for Dad’s that have realized we’re not perfect and want more for us and our children.

I believe everything around fatherhood can change. This includes learning, knowledge, emotions, relationships, and finances. Fatherhood shouldn’t be as difficult. For me, it was difficult in the beginning and I learned that I had to grow up. It took a lot for me to change and now my world is more incredible than I ever imagined.

So, because I’m a newbie, I’m going to need some help.

I’m going to need YOUR help!

We can help each other. I want this new revolution to be about CHANGE, not about “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

So, tell me how you changed something!

Building the Change

Again, I’m a newbie at online success.

So, I’m also going to need help from someone who’s done it before. In order to build this revolution, I’m taking some training and will be using some tools which I’ll post in the Resource area.

So, cheers to a new WORLD!