Time Hack – Save Time Putting Away the Dishes

Oh, this hit me hard when I realized it. When I moved in, I didn’t put a tremendous amount of time on the location of my dishes, silverware, glasses, coffee mugs, storage containers, etc. I really just chose what seemed to be the best set of cabinets to hold the dishes. Over time, I realized that I don’t unload the dishwasher immediately and will let dishes stay in the sink a little while. So, I thought, why is that? I realized, that my pain point was really putting them away and the time. After all, who wants to put the dishes away.

So, I decided to move all of my dishes, glasses, storage containers, etc to the cabinets right above the dishwasher. I even moved my utensils like cutting knives, spatulas, etc right beside the dishwasher. Now, keep in mind, you probably can’t put all of them there But, you can put at least one load’s full there. After all, that’s all plus maybe a couple more items need to be in that area.

What I found was amazing. I’m actually putting the dishes away all the time because it’s soooo easy. I also tracked the time.

It took me 3.5 seconds to walk from the dishwasher to the other cabinets. So, a round trip is 7 seconds. Because, I couldn’t carry everything at once, I would assume I had to make at LEAST 3 trips to there and other locations in the kitchen. So, this would be a total of 21 seconds. So, let’s add it up based on 2 times a week.

Before moving the dishes

  • Weekly: 21*2 = 42 seconds
  • Yearly: 52 weeks * 42 seconds = 2,184 seconds or 36.4 minutes. We’ll round down for ease.
  • Over 45 years: 27.3 hours

So, it appears that simply moving those dishes is now keeping my house cleaner and giving me back over a full day’s worth of my life back. After all, would you want to spend an entire day walking back and forth with dishes?

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