What Have You Accepted In Life? – Which You Didn’t Like Before? Change it!

Yesterday, we went to church and the phrase, “What have you accepted which you didn’t like before?” made me pause and reflect. I also heard this similar phrase in a recent podcast “Have It All” where an NLP trainer discussed how people accept failure.

In the podcast, they discussed a study where students were presented a foul smell in the class room. No one said anything, but no one liked it. After some time passed, the children accepted the smell and joked about it as a topic of conversation.

Is this what we do with all of those things in life which we don’t like?

Why don’t we change them?

What are those things we didn’t like, but accept now? Can you identify them?

I can name a few¬†of mine to get your thoughts flowing. Note, I’m addressing each of these now and every day going forward using the “Power of Habit” concepts.

  • I’ve accepted that I want to eat Cheez-Its and candy every evening, it completely kills my diet. I need to be around to see my great grand kids!
  • I’ve accepted my current position in life. I know there is more!
  • What are yours?

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