Best Summer Jobs for Teens To Help Their Future

Where are the summer jobs for teens? Help me dad. I experienced it, I’ve seen other kids experience it, and now, my kids are starting to go through it. The summer has come and their looking for money. The first thing that comes to mind is finding a summer job. But, I think that’s too basic. They should look for the best summer jobs and put some forethought into it. After looking back on my past and seeing what’s around me, parent’s need to take an active approach. What was the best job for you when you were a kid, may not be one of the best summer jobs for teens.

Kids today, like us, just can’t take any job. That job is going to effect their work effort forever. So, how do you find the perfect summer job?

Best Summer Jobs For Teens

When we mature, we realize, we MUST define what type of person we want to date, marry, or befriend. Why don’t we do that for jobs?

So, here is a list of questions to ask your teen and find the best summer jobs for them.

Questions To Your Teen

Where do you want to work? And, ask them to explain the best reason for that company.

This is a key question. It will tell you a lot. It’s also environment specific. So, the answer may be limited to what they’ve seen or experienced.

For example, my oldest wanted to work retail for discounts on clothes.

What are you going to do with the money you make?

I like this question, because I want them to start thinking about their future around money.

For example, my oldest wants to buy clothes. This sounds like a great deal for the retailer!

If you were to choose the best job, what would it be?

We’re getting deeper. It’s not going to be the first answer. It will also help them to redefine what they know and create a job they want. Maybe they don’t want a job? Maybe they want to start their own business?

For example, my both of my kids wants to be their own boss, make their own schedules. Right now, they’re looking into dog watching and walking.

If they were to start a company what would it be?

I like this too. Let them know they can create their own company. It’s not that hard!

For example, my kids want to start their own dog walking business as mentioned above. (Mental note: I should create the steps for this!)

What are the Best Summer Jobs for Teens I would Choose?

What work ethic do I want to create?

I want to create a very strong work ethic in my kids. I don’t believe you can fulfill your dreams working a couple of hours a day and then complain about it.

I DO BELIEVE that finding them the perfect way to make money (owning their own business or a job) is by doing what you enjoy! Yes, it’s out there.

What type of environment do I want them to work in?

My kids have worked before, but don’t understand what it would be like to work for someone else. Therefore, I choose a company that demands the best from their employees in a structured friendly environment.

What is the public opinion of the company?

I also believe that the company’s public impression means a lot as well. For example, I’ve worked for some of the most prestigious companies in the world! And, when I walk in the door and mention their name, I automatically get an advantage over others!

A company that contributes to their education

There are companies all around us who will contribute to your child’s college education through scholarship. Therefore, take advantage of this! You may need it soon.

Here is a list of the companies that hire teens and contribute to their college education.

Money for College

Name Industry Notes
Wegmans  Grocery  Favorite due to reputation
Chic-fil-A Fast Food Favorite due to reputation
McDonald’s Fast Food
Burger King Fast Food
Taco Bell Fast Food
KFC Fast Food
Pizza Hut  Fast Food
UPS  Fast Food



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