My Favorite Pen to Use is a Fountain Pen

I have always been very particular about what pen or pencil I use to write. Specifically, I can’t stand regular pencils or pens. Regular pencils feel like chalk on a chalk board in my hands. And, pens, they can be unpredictable, bleed, and not as fine.

When I grew up, all I used was a Pentel pencil. I used it because it is smooth and precise. It was always sharp. Yes, I looked like a geek in high school, but loved it.

As, I’ve gotten older, it’s just easier to see pen ink. My handwriting hasn’t improved, but I did stumble upon fountain pens. I did this by researching all over the internet for a couple of things:

  1. Out of all the writing utensils, what is considered the fastest?
  2. What pen or pencil will not make your hand cramp after a lot of writing? After all, I type all day too.
  3. What would have a fine point and the writing will always be precise, not blotchy, sticky, etc?

I landed upon fountain pens. And, since I bought one, I fell in love with them and won’t use anything else. You can buy¬†them for less than $20 and some even less than that.

So, if you’re looking for a change. A change in writing, but also looks really good, look into fountain pens.

Important: Be careful on planes and traveling. A lot of tossing around and the pen ink may come out too fast or the cartridge may shift. If traveling or moving around a lot, I recommend putting them in a sandwich bag for your clothing and bag protection.

I just bought the one below and it works just fine. It’s the cheapest I’ve found.

I also bought it using Amazon Prime.

One huge tip, I use the “Delayed Shipping” option. If you use this, you will get $1 back to use on electric downloads like videos and songs. So, it’s a win win.

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