Wrapping Up My Laptop Cord the Proper Way: 13.65 Hours Saved

Hmmm, another one. I’m lucky enough to work from home. But working from home somewhat boring. In addition, I get distracted by a lot of different things. So, I find myself going to different coffee shops and locations just to get out and See people. What I realized is that I’ve become really quick at packing up my laptop and heading out the door. One day I realized that it seem like I was taking a long time to wrap up my computer cord. So I decided time it.


And, like I always do I did a time comparison between how long it would take me to wrap up my laptop power cord the proper way versus grabbing the cord. I learned that it takes me approximately 7’s extra seconds to wrap up my power cord properlyHere’s how that plays out overtime.

How long it took me to wrap my cord the proper way: 15.5 seconds

How long it took me to put my cord away without rocking it: 8.5 seconds

The difference was a total of seven seconds. I would assume that I wrap up my power cord at least once or twice a day. So, over a week I would say I wrap my power cord once every day.

  • Daily: seven seconds
  • Weekly: 7×7 =21 seconds
  • Yearly: 52 weeks * 21 seconds = 1092 seconds or 1,092 seconds divided by 60 equals 18.2 minutes.
  • Over 45 years: 18.2 minutes times 45 years equals 819 minutes, divided by 60 equal 13.65 hours


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