List of Invisible Habits

After reading the book, The Power of Habit, every morning I try to list out my invisible habits. I have to admit, this is one of my favorite books. Also, I typically use Audible for books like this. So, when I’m walking or driving, I can knock out a book.

This post here will list all of my findings and how I will change the habits to improve my life and those around me.

A quick review: A habit is comprised of 3 things: cue, routine, reward.

So, it goes like this:

  1. I see, hear, or feel a cue
  2. I do a routine
  3. I receive a reward

To fix a habit, you must:

  1. Determine the routine
    1. Old Habit Example: I spend my “fun” budget the day I get paid on Amazon Wish List Items.
  2. Find the cue
    1. Old Habit Example: I see my paycheck deposited in my account
  3. Change the reward
    1. Old Habit Reward: I get immediate gratification for something I want at that moment.
    2. Test Different Rewards to find out what you crave.
      1. New Habit Reward: Put money into savings
        1. Didn’t work
      2. New Habit Reward: Invest that money
        1. Didn’t work
      3. New Habit Reward: Don’t do anything.
        1. Worked
  4. Change the routine
    1. Cue: I see my paycheck deposited in my account
    2. Routine: Close my browser and step away for a while.
    3. Reward: Money stays in the account

List of Invisible Habits – (I’ll continue to update this)

  • Coming Soon!

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