Finding an Adjustable Portable Laptop Stand for my MacBook Pro When I Work Remotely

So, I have the ability to work from home. I honestly have to say it is by far the best way to ever work!!!! I can be anywhere and work. I can be at the beach, relatives, friends, coffee shops, restaurants, anywhere. Anyway, to get to the point, I’m on a laptop all day long. By the end of the week and day, my neck and back are sore. They’re sore because I slowly hunch over my laptop to get closer. Yes, I wear glasses, but when concentrating, my nose always ends up closer to the screen.

Ok, this is a follow up. I really do like this setup. I used it today at a friends house and it’s working perfectly well. I do have to note, I did pair my laptop with a blue tooth keyboard. Without the combination, the setup really doesn’t work.

Therefore, I decided I needed a stand. Heck, I’ll at least try it. Even if it helps a little, I’ll be happy. So, like other things I’m going to do, I’m going to mind map it. I love mind mapping. So, below you will find the text of my research and the mindmap made with MindMeister.

In case your curious, I ended up buying the following adjustable portable stand. My notes are here and the mind map is below.


MacBook Pro Portable Stand
MacBook Pro Portable Stand it’s about the size of a candy bar.


Mind Maps

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