Closing Deals In Red Heels – Looking Promising

We go through life never knowing what can happen at any moment. What could happen in the next 5 minutes? Think about it, life is exciting and unknown. Or, is it unknown, is someone planning everything? Who knows. Anyway, a great friend of mine has started her own blog. I’m really expecting big things from her. The speed, determination, persistence, and drive she is putting towards this effort is, well very impressive.

So, if you’re a single mom, have kids, have that job during the day… and you want to find someone with whom you can relate, she’s your gal. An amazing single mom of 5 and a leader in her industry, she’s going to do big things now that she’s discovering how powerful she can be.

Remember, you can too. So, head on over to Closing Deals in Red Heels and take a look. Here’s one of her first posts. If you notice, she’s hooked on MindMeister¬†too. By the way, I’m a huge fan of WordPress, but, I have to say, her site is pretty cool for someone that hasn’t created a site yet. She’s using Wix. It took her one night to set it up. But, there is always a lot of tweaking to get things going.


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