The New Guidelines For Water and Food Consumption

The new guidelines for water and food consumption is a theoretical and practical solution I use every day. It allows anyone to return to a life we never knew existed within us.

Simple Concepts

  • The body consists of approximately 60% of water. This of course leaves 40% for matter.
  • We will consume water and food/energy based on this proportion of 60/40 Water/Food or Energy
  • An entire meal will consist of only water.
  • All water consumed should be distilled.
  • All food consumed should be or should have been alive (no processed foods)

Tips on How to Implement the Diet

  • Water
    • For Distilled Water purchase the gallon jugs at grocery stores. They are usually less than $1.
    • Reuse glass water bottles to ease expense. For example, purchase Voss, Perrier, or Pelligrino. I bought a case of Pelligrino from Costco for less than $20. Yes, it was expensive, but these bottles have twist tops, water, and can be reused for a long, long time. If the tops go bad, simply use a wine stopper.
    • Each night fill enough glass bottles to empty the gallon jug. Place them on the counter or in the fridge, it’s up to you.
    • Place one of those bottles on the night stand where you sleep. You will need it in the morning. Make sure this is a large bottle, 20oz?
  • Food
    • Purchase organic foods.
    • If you’re like me, I buy organic and frozen. Plus, I like quick and healthy. I will go to Costco and buy in bulk these items. Note, you can get your entire weeks worth of food from Costco and for less than $50.
    • I also use Amazon Prime Fresh. This allows me to purchase only the items I need and avoid all of the other items, I would choose in a grocery store.







  • There is only 1 Food meal per day.
  • Morning
    • Wake and drink the entire bottle next to your night stand. You will crave it. ┬áDrink a lot of it upon waking. Then finish it off as you get ready.
    • Eat your food for the day
  • Rest of the Day
    • Drink all of the remaining waters.
    • Drink as much tea and coffee you desire.
    • Only drink natural drinks. Nothing with any artificial ingredients.
    • Do not drink alcohol.
  • Evening
    • Drink a tea, or something you like and flavored or infused.
    • Do not eat at night. This may cause binging.
    • ┬áDo not watch TV. The TV is the number 1 reason for the situation you are in now.

Below is a screenshot from the US Geological Survey for more details about water.

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