How To Get Products from Amazon for Free

As we go through life, we always look for ways to save on costs or to make more money. In one of my businesses, I sell products on Amazon. We’ll discuss the Amazon business in another post. So, what does this have to do with getting free things on Amazon?

Well, when people buy on Amazon, they will always see competitive products. Sometimes the look identical, so if you are searching for let’s say, a toothbrush and you see at least 2 that are identical. So, which one do you choose? It’s always going to be the one with the most positive reviews. As an ┬ábusiness owner, it is not easy to obtain reviews. My first organic review appeared after about 30 sales. That’s a lot of sales for one review.

So, Amazon business owners can request someone to review their products, thus increasing the number of reviews very quickly. This way, the will get more sales in the long run.

So, one day, I just decided to become a reviewer myself. And, I was enlightened to this hidden community. I now, can get a wide array of items for free, or the cost of a review. As, I started to absorb this concept, I think it’s a gold mine for me. I can get free products for me and the family. So, take a look below at some of the latest review sites at this time. Have fun, I’m going Birthday and Christmas shopping!!!

Top Amazon Reviewer Websites

All of the review sites below will request that you leave a review. So, definitely do it. Also, you may need Amazon Prime.


ReviewKick was my first review site. Personally, I love it. It’s very well organized and simple to use. I’ve been able to order many products for free or for less that $10.

You will have to register first and provide your Amazon public profile. Make sure review your profile before requesting to review a product. Every Amazon business owner will review your profile prior to giving you the discount codes, therefore, if you haven’t done any reviews or have a bad profile, you may not get the offer.


  • This site allows you to sort and view all of the products you can review.
  • Very appealing to the eye.
  • Sorting of reviewable products is available. I like to sort by newest first as the best deals go quickly. So, bring the latest to the top.


AMZReviewTrader from AMZ Tracker is another great and extremely easy system to use. I was able to sign up within minutes and start making requests for products to review.


  • This site allows you to sort and view all of the products you can review.
  • Very appealing to the eye
  • Sorting products is available

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