Free Social Media Marketing Class Including Email, Facebook, Instagram, etc

So, I like to get to the point. Here’s the link to the Free Social Media Marketing Class. Next, I’ll describe exactly what it is. I’m rebelling against the norm where you have to read a ton of fluff to get to the point.

So, about the class.

Free social media marketing class

Yes, it’s free and I’ve been taking it for a while.

It’s 100 days of training.

The idea is to teach someone who has NEVER done affiliate marketing how to do it. Don’t let the title fool you, the goal of an affiliate marketer is to sell. So, if you are learning to be an affiliate marketer or want to learn how to advertise your site, this is the class.

I take a lot of notes. I’ll post those in later articles.

The one thing I like about it is it has a LOT of videos and worksheets.

As of today’s post, I’m on day 13 for the training session, “Maximizing Ad Spend.”

Here’s a recap of some of the items I’ve learned:

  • Defining my product for social media
  • Defining my dream customers
  • Finding where my dream customers are located
  • Learning how to determine what will entice my customers, or what bait
  • Where am I going to take my new customers
  • Defining a profitability formula
  • Defining how I will portray┬ámy company
  • We are building a distribution channel

This class touches on most of the social media platforms.

Specifically, you learn to use email marketing with YOUR selected social media platform. I chose Facebook. Later on in the training, you will learn how to define your target using the Facebook advertising Targeted Marketing tools. I was amazed at how detailed and specific I can get. I think that class alone was worth my time.

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