The child SKU main image for my variations is wrong – Amazon Image Swatches

So, no one could see my child SKU main image for the each version of my child products. I finally figured it out, and it took a call from Amazon sales.

Here’s how it works… I have a product with different colors and different sizes such as the following:


  1. Red
  2. White
  3. Blue


  1. Adult
  2. Child

My logic:

  • Because it’s clothing, I had a photographer take photos of an adult in all colors, and a child in all colors.
  • Parent Item: Added images for all colors and sizes
  • Each Child Item for color and size: The matrix of color and size created 8 options. So, I put in specific photos for each specific item. So, the child green Asin had child green photos.

How Amazon treated it:

  • Amazon product detail page only displayed the adult photos.
  • When I clicked on the colors and the sizes, the photos for each specific size did not display.
  • The product key features will change for each child option.
  • The product description will only take the adult description for that color.

How I fixed it:

  • Parent: Nothing new
  • Adult size for each color: Updated the photos to contain all color size photos. So, for green, there were adult green photos and youth green photos.
  • Description for adult colors: Updated the descriptions to contain descriptions for the youth sizes as well.


I don’t like it, but that’s how it works. Note, the site only takes the adult color swatches too. I originally thought that was the issue.

Here’s the existing description from Amazon:Swatches

  • Product detail pages show the main image for the parent products. Swatches for child products, if available, appear below the main image as 30 x 30 pixel thumbnails.
  • Swatches help customers see other aspects of your product, such as color or detail.
  • When a customer clicks the swatch image, one of two things happens:
  • If the main image for the child product is available, then the swatch image and / or color name text on the detail page links to the image pop-up windows, and the main image for the child SKU appears in a pop-up window.
  • If the main image for the child product is not available, then the swatch and / or color name text on the detail page does not link to anything.
  • Even though you might not think of using swatches, there are two ways you can leverage swatches for your products:
  • Single image, many color variations:
  • You might have several main images for all color variations for a product that does not have swatches. You can use these images as swatches and as main images for your variations. As with any swatch, the images appear as thumbnails that, when clicked, appear full-sized as the main image in a popup window.
  • Single image, all product variations:
  • You might have a single image featuring all color variations. For example, you might have a main image of a “pile of sweaters” to represent all the colors you sell, and you do not use swatches. In this case, you can submit the “pile of sweaters” image as an alternate image. This alternative image is linked from the detail page, under the “See larger image or other views” link. All the alternate images appear in the same popup window. The customer can move from image to image in this popup window by clicking the thumbnail in the popup window.

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