Multi Level Marketing Companies for Men

Multi Level Marketing Companies for Men

So I moved here from a big city. I have a great job, it’s a nice corporate job. I look around where I am now and I see that there’s a big income big gap. There are people that commute at least hour to make great incomes. But those that live here and don’t commute, are looking and competing for small jobs.

What I’ve seen here that I didn’t know existed. Or maybe I didn’t or wasn’t aware of it before, is that there are a lot of people doing multi-level marketing. And it seems like there are people within the same neighborhoods selling the same product!

And then the people go from company to company. It seems like if you are one of the first people in start, you can easily recruit a lot of people around here by recruiting others.

Also all of these companies are based around women. They sell anything from leggings, to cosmetics, to supplements. And some of them are making a ton of money, and have brand new cars! And it’s because they sold so much that the company pays for their car.

What I always wanted now is what’s out there for guys?

What multi level marketing companies are for men?

Do they exist? I mean I won’t sell cosmetics or leggings to my friends! And I certainly don’t want to convince anybody to start buying lotion. There’s something inside of me that believes that I could just go to Costco or or Target and buy these things. Why do I need to have the parts something else?

Heck, I’ll order it on Amazon.

So what is out there for men? Well I’m a technical guy and always wanted to do something online. It’s a pain in the butt to drive over to see somebody and convince them to buy.  It’s time consuming and expensive.

To get to the point!

My solution is ClickFunnels. If someone signs up for Clickfunnels I get a residual income for one purchase of $118 a month (It can depend on what people buy). And that goes on forever until they unsubscribe.

So if I just get 10 people to sign up,  then I’ll make over $1,000 a month. That’s  not a lot of people!

So I’m going make the most of it. You can also get them to buy a car for you! When I say car, it’s an understatement. I’m talking about a Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Tesla, etc.

ClickFunnels Whats your dream car?

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