Day 2 – Finding My Audience Using The Facebook Pixel

Day 2 – Finding My Audience Using The Facebook Pixel

Last night I started to do some Facebook advertising. While setting it up, I noticed this one small area asking me to link my Facebook pixel. At first I ignored it, I thought I was in a rush… Social Media Training Day 2 Section 1.2

I really need to take my time learning.

I have this bad habit of glossing over some tasks because I fear it’s another diversion/shiny object that’s going to take me off of track from my main goal.

I figured it would be worth checking out. My goal with this site is to find the right people and create a community.The Facebook pixel should allow me to do that. What I learned is that by taking the Facebook ads I create, the pixel can track the user’s activities on my website.

Combining the two, I should be able to create ads targeted to people like the ones that visited my website, and not just on the ones that liked my post. So, I integrated it.

It didn’t take long. As it was a simple copy paste into my site’s Head tag. I use WordPress, so it was a matter of going to the Appearance | Editor | header.php and following the Facebook instructions.

I would highly recommend a Facebook pixel as a standard step in this process.

You can learn more about Facebook pixels here

Here’s a snapshot of the page.

Facebook Pixels

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