Day 2: Parables

Day 2: Parables

Parables what are they?

So what is a parable?

A simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson. All great teachers teach in parables because it takes a simple concept and makes it easier to understand and remember it’s like a pneumonic term.

All of the questions, and worksheets needed can be found in the free 100 day affiliate bootcamp.

Write down as many important concepts that you’ve learned since starting your journey, the place where you are right now and for where you want to go?

  • I’ve noticed my career position hasn’t changed much in 10 years. Parable: My salary hasn’t changed much in 10 years.
  • I’ve learned that I have a lot of skills, but I not used them to my advantage. Parable: I’ve been a programmer for over a decade and all the companies I work for make money so I need to make money.
  • I’ve learned that I need to teach my kids more. Parable: Every time I get my kids on the weekend I learn some new weird twisted rule that they have. And the rules are so limiting it’s confusing. And I know where it comes from it’s coming from my ex. And a lot of those rules exist because she either does not want to do them, pay for them, or discuss them. WTF?
  • I’ve learned I need to prepare for my future more. Parable: I make good money and I figured I always make money. But as I get older I need to find a better way it sucks working long hours for someone else. Plus my definition of good money has definitely changed as what I thought was good there’s not any more.
  • I’ve learned that people can create the life that they’ve always wanted. Parable: I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to meet celebrities millionaires loving exciting people that are accomplishing my dreams. And I am not his accomplices them but I can see the changes in my past and every day week and month.
  • I’ve learned that after divorce it’s a wonderful world. Parable: Hell I thought the world was going to end and I was never going to get another girlfriend or meet anybody because I figured everybody was already married. Instead but I’ve learned was that my marriage was a trial run now I’m actually able to find beautiful great relationships. Because I know what I want and I’m learning what I want as opposed to having someone tell me.
  • I’ve learned that changes great. Parable: So yes this is gonna sound sketchy but I studied on how to pick up women and date again. And if I would’ve never have learned this, I would not have met as many wonderful people as I have. It’s given me an opportunity to be selective, establish rapport, and be with people I choose.
  • I’ve learned that challenging resistance creates a new world. Parable: I’ve been able to take my ex back to court and it benefited me. At the time I hesitated and resisted and then once I took action, it was extremely stressful. But after it was over, I couldn’t understand why I even hesitated in the first place. And why was I stressed at all?
  • I’ve learned that when I first got divorced I thought I would never find anybody and now I realize that it’s easier and better than I ever imagined. Parable: I stayed in the marriage because I thought that was the best and it wasn’t. It was because I resisted/feared the unknown.
  •  I’ve learned that I’ve actually improved and evolved better than most after they come out of a divorce. Parable: I got tired of my ex harassed me through texts and emails. So I told her she had to write me a letter in the mail to contact me.
  • I also learned that you don’t have to be as concerned about the ex-spouse threats, lawyers or anything else surrounding a divorce. Parable: It’s all a game and no one wants to pay for an attorney or go to court. It’s just a pain in the ass.
  • Also learned that the divorce process is like getting a speeding ticket to the courts. Parable: As I was on the stand for over an hour at one point I looked over and the judge was checking his email bored out of his mind. After it was all over with I realized that the decision they make is based on the law and certain requirements. So no matter how pissed off you are at your ex it doesn’t really matter. Because a judge needs to make a decision based on the law. It’s a concrete decision.
  • I’ve learned not been told I have a lot to offer when it comes to how to succeed after divorce. Parable:You never realize how much you’ve changed until someone tells you. Tell a story about friendships.
  • I’ve learned that people get excited and are impressed when I tell them what I’ve changed to make my world better. Parable: Tell a story about how I video recorded my acts because she was making false accusations whenever I picked up the kids. I put that to an end after I had proof I wasn’t.
  • I learned how to find a girlfriend. And, realized I had gone about it in many of the wrong ways. Parable: When I was young I didn’t have much confidence with women. And I really just dated the ones that liked me. It didn’t matter if they treated me bad, or the relationship had run its course. I believe a lot of it was because my parents were divorced so I believed that I could and should stay with someone in a matter what so that I could so that I can have a stable relationship. I have no idea why did that.
  • I’ve learned that Google ads seem to be too generic and Facebook ads seem to give me so much more direct access to the people trying to reach. Parable: I work with companies that I’ve spent a lot of money on Google ads and I have as well. I’ve been using Facebook as for a small a lot of time and I’ve learned how easy it is that I can get quick leaves and not spend a lot of money.

Measuring is Important

So to succeed I need to continue measuring what I want to succeed in. And in the case of on my online marketing and this site I want to help hundreds and millions of people.

I need to find out what people actually want.

I need to listen.

I need to be involved.

I’m hoping that this site in this experience can help me evolve and allow me to find others that I can help evolve.

Things I should measure

  • How many times someone sees a post.
  • What’s the best time to create a post.
  • What’s the best header.
  • What’s the best title.
  • What’s the best image.
  • What’s the best target audience.
  • How can I make evergreen posts.
  • What times are the best. What’s my conversion ratio.

Important concepts – creating a distribution channel

I have two main goals here when it comes to a distribution channel the first one is I want to learn on my marketing now I can make money without doing anything. I’m tired of making money by working on an hourly basis.

My second is that I want to create a distribution channel here to help fathers divorced fathers succeed. If I can help make a life altering impact on a father that’s getting divorced or is divorced, then I’ve succeeded.

OK, there’s a third. I want my children to understand that they don’t have to have a full-time job to make money. And just because you have a side gig does not mean that you’re doing something illegal. For some reason people that have never been an entrepreneur, or tried to make my on the side feel as if it something against the law(?.)

It’s not. I can’t understand why that concept even exist. But that’s the whole key to life and changing it.

My distribution channels focus:

  • Facebook
  • Internet
  • email

What’s your super power, something that’s second nature to you?

I’ve always been told that I’m extremely patient. Granted there are some cases where I’m not. And I’m very direct. A lot of people see this as upsetting or critical. But, everything I say is only for good intentions and is never meant to harm anyone or make them feel bad. It’s just not how I’m built. But I believe those that are insecure do take offense to it. Which brings me to another point… is who do you choose to be around?

Important concepts, what’s important to you?

It is important to me for others, and especially my children, to understand that rules and barriers are given to them from the day they are born. And all of those barriers and rules are just made up by somebody, and they really don’t exist. And until you step over and beyond a rule or previous assumption that you had, you don’t realize this. So I’m going to help you break beyond those barriers.

My goal for the site is to explain the barriers (as an unhappily married father) that I had before and show how I overcame them.

My goal for taking this marketing class so that I can make some money and realize that it can be done!


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