Day 2 and My Character Flaws

Day 2 and My Character Flaws

Character Flaws

What are my character flaws?

No one likes someone that’s perfect. Or, believes they’re perfect and you definitely know they’re not.

For those of you curious as to why I’m doing this?… It’s because I’m taking a free online marketing class. At the end of it, this site should be (will be) profitable. (I have my fingers crossed.) All of the videos, questions, worksheets, etc can be found in the free 100 day affiliate bootcamp. Also, all of my statistics are on the bottom.

You will notice that as our answer these questions I answer them either as a marketer or as a person looking to provide solutions to you.

How did I overcome the struggle I was on?

As a divorced father

There are many things I struggle with in the beginning. I think at some point in my life the process of becoming a more rounded person stops once you (or I) became married. And then once I divorced, I my world grew exponentially.

There were many times I struggled having issues with my acts because I didn’t want her to take it vantage of me or get the better of me. But I soon realized was that she didn’t matter and I need to put myself at a different level. The old ways the old influence on me did not matter anymore.

As an online marketer

Are you kidding? As an online marketer it takes a lot of time to do this. As I write this I’m actually using the Mac dictation tool. It takes way too long to write all the stuff. And then once you write it you have to tweak everything to make sure people see it and it searchable. When you put all this together it takes hours and hours worth of time. There’s also so many distractions that it takes you off track.

This class I’m taking now is keeping me focused. And it’s preventing distractions from the new shiny object I just saw on Google or Facebook. It’s really allowing me to step aside take this step-by-step. It’s also free.

Please note I did purchase ClickFunnels Enterprise. And I’m going to use it in this training session. Because I’ve experienced and work with so many other online software tools that this seems to be the solution. It’s just prevented me from having to work with and purchase some of the other tools that just solved little pieces.

And honestly I’m tired of spending hours and hours of my time trying to put things together tweak things and can figure things. I’m a technical person and I still takes long time to solve these problems. With ClickFunnels I don’t have any of these problems. I’ll start tracking all of my information below each day just at the bottom.

What do I struggle with?

As a divorced father

I honestly struggle sometimes with moving on from situations involving the divorce. I have learned to overcome these. The quicker I notice I’m stuck, the quicker I move on.

I also struggle with teaching my kids my (non)belief system I have. Because a lot of my concepts and (non)rules contradict my ex.

I still struggle with not giving cheap shots about my ex. It’s really not worth my time.

Holy cow this is a in-depth questionnaire. It really goes deep considering this topic.

As an online marketer

I struggle with keeping up-to-date with this. I struggle with doing this every day. I’m learning that I need to batch these tasks in case I do skip a day. It’s almost like working out.

What do I love?

As a divorced dad

I love seeing my children evolve into their own unique personalities. I love having conversations I never imagined or had with my parents. I have a relationship with my children that is far better than the ones I have with my parents. It’s allowing me to see that I can have a better relationship with my parents.

As an online marketer

I love seeing that I can create a post, page or anything I want. And people can see it from now until the end of time. And if I figure out the exact metrics, set up, verbiage, placement, and design, it has the potential to bring money when I’m not working.

I love the fact that I can make money while I sleep.

What do I hate?

As a divorced dad

I hate having to pay child support. There are no if’s and’s or butts about it. It makes a dramatic impact on my income and I do not see where it helps the children as much as it could. I’m just amazed at how difficult it can be as a father to pay so much child-support that is enough to pay for a new home. It’s a mortgage payment. It’s just insane to me how much I have to pay. And the fact that I do pay, and I don’t get any credit for it is crazy.

In addition, the fact that I can go to jail if I don’t pay it is nuts.

I believe somewhere there’s a solution that hopefully this group and I can create, which will somehow benefit all the fathers who pay child support on time, all the time.

Because right now there are millions and millions of dollars that are paid each month and fathers don’t receive any direct benefit besides not going to jail.

Yes, I know the children are living a better life. And if you one of those moms out there who believes she deserves child support because it’s her right!….I’ll believe you if you show me where the child support money is spent.

As an online marketer

Sometimes I hate sitting inside on a sunny day working on something which I don’t know will be successful. It’s unknown. I’m taking a chance. But I’m determined to take that chance and make it happen. Because I can.

What insecurities do I have?

As a divorced dad

At this point in my life everything depends on me. I need to ensure the decisions I make every day will carry me until the day I die. And for my children, and their children, to live beautiful fulfilling lives I haven’t imagined yet.

Can I make that happen?

As an online marketer

But I will give up on this project once it started. I need to cross over that hurdle that line in the sand that exist between just the start up and actually becoming a real company.


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Income Summary: September

  • Income: $0

Expense Summary: September

  • Hosting: $10/mo
  • Facebook Ads: $5

Post Summary: September

  • 3 website posts
  • 3 automatic Facebook posts due to the software pushing from the website posts.

Ad Summary: September

  • Facebook Ad: UghDad going viral: $5

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