Day 2: Attractive Character – What’s My Backstory?

Day 2: Attractive Character – What’s My Backstory?

So, it’s been a long break. But I’m back again going through the training. I know I can do it but for some reason I just continue to skip it. So decided to start again and actually go to the training and see if this will work. My issue is always been that I start something and I believe I know better and they go on a tangent. Then at some point that project stops. And it’s usually because of some other shiny object.

So my goal here is to figure out how I can make money on the side. And I’d like the site to take off and help millions of people like me. Also, I’m starting another site which I will use this process as well. I’m going to post of all the different steps and strategies I learn here just so others can learn as I learn. And maybe they can help me build a better site.  maybe I will help millions.

You can find all of the material and he’s in here on affiliate site. It’s free save us a take advantage of it. And why not us it’s got videos questionnaires everything needed to get started. So there’s really no excuse not to take advantage of it.

All of the questions, and worksheets needed can be found in the free 100 day affiliate bootcamp.

Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp 100 days


So what is my backstory?

So walk through a couple of questions to make things a little easier.

At what point in your life you do decide to take the plunge?

So I’ve got a long story. I’m actually all not to remember when that was the Internet. In fact I learned from the ground up and I still work on the Internet as a programmer. I have a great job and have done well or have become comfortable.

But, in the past several years all I’ve done is made money for other people and companies. And, I have the skills to make money for myself doing it, after all make money for other companies. So why don’t I do this for myself and my kids?

Several years ago I actually started to learn affiliate marketing. I made a little bit of money, but I stopped for that new shiny object.  Plus, my ex at the time thought that it was a crazy idea and a waste of time. If I had only known  and continued with it, I may have been retired by now.

Plus, I’m getting older. The kids are starting to drive, my kids are going to college soon too. The time has come!

ClickFunnels Whats your dream car?

What is the problem I’m looking to solve?

I’m actually looking to replace my current income and work from anywhere I want. And addition I don’t want to rely on anybody else For income. And I’ve seen more companies can succeed or fail and honestly but I was concerned about me. As a future purchase to come over I’ve seen I just need to take care myself and my family.

What did I invest in or lose that caused me to take the plunge?

For me I’ve placed all of my time and energy into other companies, sometimes people I didn’t even respect or want to work with. I have a very high work ethic and put in the hours, plus I’m very honest and really don’t want to “play” the corporate game.

I also invested in other small applications and software products that helped me. But they were all smaller pieces to a bigger puzzle. I’d find myself getting involved in a small project and not understand the big picture. So this training for ClickFunnels is a step-by-step process with one main product. Plus this training is free! So why not try it.

What has changed in my life since I decided to take the plunge?

I’ve been able to see that I’ve taken many classes and training courses but never completed them. So, I’m going to stick with this one and see what happens. I honestly haven’t learned everything,  Otherwise, I would not be here now.

Why did I choose ClickFunnels?

Honestly, a lot of it revolves around Russell. He appears very honest and open. He’s given me everything I need to succeed. This entire system and community around ClickFunnels is very open, straight-forward, and dedicated.


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