ClickFunnels Training Day 2

ClickFunnels Training Day 2

Day 2 of ClickFunnels TrainingDay 2 went great. I’m learning a lot, taking notes. Below are today’s notes.

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    1. Day 2 – Attractive Character
      1. We are building a distribution channel
      2. What you put out there attracts that person
      3. What are your superpowers
        1. Me
      4. Elements
        1. BackStory
          1. I was just like you
          2. Share things to illustrate the purpose that you’re serving
          3. What things can you share relate to your audience in your audience relate to you
          4. What’s the party going to share
          5. What leads people to the place that you wanted to go to
          6. What point in your life did you decide to take the plunge (to take action or to take the offer)
          7. What problem are you looking to solve
            1. Something that caused me enough pain to take action
          8. What did you invest or lose that car seat to take action
            1. Time, money, effort, stress
          9. What has changed in your life since you decided to take the plunge
          10. What other aspects of your life has been affected by this decision
          11. Your backstory is all about are you backwards from where you are
            1. What brought you here
            2. What’s tested you take
            3. Why did you decide on this product over other options
        2. Parables
          1. All great teachers teach in parables
          2. a simple story used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson
          3. write down as many important concepts that you’ve learned since starting your journey the price to where you are right now and for the dry beach where you want to go
          4. I didn’t want to take on a full-time working job. I wanted to build something once and have it produce money forever without having to touch it again
          5. For example an important concept could be importance of measuring medicine could be in the form of the picture like when you’re happy or something picture
          6. Important concepts Colin creating a distribution channel the parable here this workout Wednesday’s videos
          7. Important concepts your super power the second nature to you. The parable here is Walter speaking cooking story
          8. Important concepts, what it takes to text her? The parable here is Frank Avenue pretending to be a teacher
          9. Important concepts, what’s important to you? The parable here is what story can you share to illustrate that concept
        3. Character Flaws
          1. Even Superman has character flaws
            1. Too perfect, harder to sell because people can’t relate
          2. When you introduce flaws people can relate
          3. No one wants to follow someone that’s perfect. It’s too unattainable. Superman is boring compared to Batman. People are attracted to as the flaws. Write-down character flaws at your community can relate to draw people closer to you. Also let them know that you’re hearing to an a lot like that
          4. How did you struggle before you overcame that struggle
          5. What do you still struggle with?
          6. What do you love?
          7. What do you hate?
          8. What can she stand?
          9. What insecurities do you have?
          10. What debated you in the past? Did you overcome it? Do you still struggle with it?
        4. Polarity
          1. Don’t be nervous about offending anyone
          2. Will create
            1. A group of people that love you and follow you
            2. Will create a group of people that hate you
          3. Not having an opinion on a consistent basis will cause you to lose responses.. after 2 weeks of no response, you will lose members
          4. Having believes in one direction or another. Forces people to take aside. Do they agree or disagree? And it doesn’t matter. Because both will watch to see what you do. As soon as you become polar, you’ll get people who love you and hate you. This is good
          5. What are think that you know you are going to piss people off, you’re going to do anyway?
          6. What do you believe in those were stand for? Right them all down
          7. Pick one or two big concepts that are most important to you, and are evergreen.
          8. Evergreen is something that people were disagreeing about 50 years ago and are likely to continue to disagree about the next 50 years
      5. Identity
        1. Can mix these to attract users that follow all types
        2. You can only identify as one of these at a time
        3. Leader
          1. I am the best, come follow me
          2. The motto is follow me and I’ll take you there
          3. Always in the spotlight, takes the glory in the punishment.
          4. Does not always have answers, but makes the effort to get the answers they don’t have. So there people don’t have to think lead by example you’re walking the path with them showing dem went to step in where to avoid
          5. Best suited for those who experience in the endeavor they are sharing or rallying the team behind
          6. Donald Trump
            1. I am the best and the richest
        4. Adventurer or Crusader
          1. I am successful but I want to have parties and have fun
          2. Motto is follow The code the rest will work itself out
          3. This spotlight is shared with The experience. It was a great journey
          4. Looks to the method or experience for the answers knowing that each person will have a different experience
          5. Think leads through intention. You are showing them the gold and letting the path reveal itself to each individual as you go.
          6. Best for those who believe that the journey is as important or more important than the destination
          7. Richard Branson
            1. I am the leader and fun, but want to party and have a good time
        5. Reporter or Evangelist
          1. Interviews
          2. Motto, I am the voice for those who need to hear it
          3. The spotlight is shared with the message, and often that comes in the form of a leading expert.
          4. The answers come from the best sources or experts you can find.
          5. Think leads by providing answers answers and tools you need to do the work
          6. Best for those who are breaking into a new market community for expanding into a new area
          7. Larry King and Oprah
            1. Excellent with interviews
        6. Reluctant Hero
          1. Didn’t have a desire to do this. went on journey to figure out, and stumbled upon success
          2. Motto, I never wanted this but people are lying me
          3. The spotlight is shared with the message for story or path they took to get where they are now
          4. Looks to their experience in the experience of their fans for answers
          5. Think leads by providing a transparent look at their experience
          6. Best for those who are have done something specific we’re able to get similar results for others
          7. People resonate with this the most
      6. Story Lines
        1. Loss and Redemption
          1. had a great thing, lost it, had to rebuild it
            1. high tickets secret product
              1. huge call center, M month, lost it, rebuilt and redeemed and smarter by using this way
          2. Did you lose something in your pursuit of a building a business or marketing your existing business online?
          3. What did you lose?
          4. Did you get back what you lost?
          5. If so, how did you get it back?
          6. Was he offered product service responsible?
          7. If so how is it responsible? Tell the minute story
        2. Us Versus Them
          1. Mac V PC
          2. What defines us?
          3. What defines them?
          4. What conspiracy do they create stop you from achieving your goals?
          5. What actions do they create to stop you from achieving your goals?
          6. What action or perspective calls your community to relate to your plate?
          7. What have you done to ensure that they don’t get the upper hand and when?
          8. What can your community do to show that they are with you or one of us
          9. Find a common enemy
            1. who can you cast stones at?
            2. Pharma sales reps
          10. Satellite, v cable
        3. Before and after
          1. Poor v rich
          2. What were you like before that your community is also like?
          3. What did you do or find that changed your life?
          4. What do you like now after?
        4. Amazing Discovery
          1. What was your life like before the amazing discovery?
          2. What was your amazing discovery?
          3. Why does your amazing discovery matter?
          4. How has this amazing discovery changed your life for how change your life?
          5. What hidden benefits this amazing discovery have?
          6. Who does this amazing discovery not help?
        5. Secret Telling/Answer
          1. What was your life like before the secret was revealed to you?
          2. What would happen if the wrong people know about the secret?
          3. How could the secret be taken away? If ex-company new they would close the loop hole forever
          4. How has your life been changed by knowing and implementing the secret?
          5. Others also found the secret change their lives?
            1. So what were the results?
        6. Testimonial
          1. the more going out the better
          2. Who is the testimonial from?
          3. What do they have to share that adds value to your statement value or positioning?
          4. What was their life like before they followed your plan Took or vise bought the product?
          5. How did following your plan / taking your vice/ buying your product change their life?
          6. What is their life like now?
          7. If possible, what specific results was your recommendation plan product able to give them?
        7. 5 Places to Build Your Distribution Funnel (Pick 2 and 1 HAS to be Email)
          1. Email (Direct Mail)
          2. FaceBook (Networking)
          3. YouTube (TV)
            1. Is there software to post videos to fb, youtube,  podcast, etc.. like record video and post to all
          4. PodCast (Radio)
          5. Blog (Newspaper)
          6. Strategy, not the tactics, are what makes the money
          7. help
            1. fiverr
            2. freelancer
            3. odesk

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