ClickFunnels Training Day 1

ClickFunnels Training Day 1

Day 1 went pretty fast. I quickly learned, that just like anything else, you must plan your approach. I’ve also learned that I need to track everything or I’m going to have to repeat a LOT. So, I’m writing down all of the questions for me to use later on. I’ll construct a template for a quicker more efficient plan for the next projects.

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  1. What is my product?
  2. Who is my dream customer?
  3. Where are my dream customers?
  4. What bait are you going to use to attract them?
  5. Where are you going to take them?
  6. Section #1 Ignite
    1. Session #1: The Secret Formula
    2. Session #2: The Attractive Character
    3. Session #3: How To Spend More Than Your Competitors
    4. Session #4 & 5: Three Types of Traffic
  7. Section #2 – Funnelology
    1. Session #5: 7 Phases Of A Lead and 100 Visitor Test
    2. Session #6: The 31 Building Blocks Of A Funnel
  8. Section #3 – Inception
    1. Session #7: Inception Secrets
    2. Session #8: The Scripts
    3. Session #9: Soap Opera and Seinfeld Emails

See the overview if this is your first time here.

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