ClickFunnels Overview

ClickFunnels Overview

How to Retire in 100 DaysAs with all ongoing projects, I’m going to track everything I learn, implement it, and determine whether or not to continue pursuing it.

First, since I started playing with online marketing, I’ve always been intrigued by the affiliate marketing aspect. I’ve heard of people making millions online. Plus, I’ve also made a little money on my own just playing around.

In my gut, I always figured there was a way to master the process. Make a tweak, and make money.

I hate to admit it, but I do believe that people can be manipulated or driven to buy. So, why can’t I take advantage of it. And, if I do, I want it to be in their best interests… and of course mine.

So, ClickFunnels here we come.

This overview will guide you through all of my experiences with ClickFunnels.

I’m am going to take the “Affiliate Bootcamp – How to Retire in 100 Days as a ClickFunnels Super Affiliate

Come along and join in, ask questions, etc!

Here’s the book for the class.

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