Buy Stocks Online For Free – Use an App

Buy Stocks Online For Free – Use an App

Think you’re ready to start trading stocks? Let’s say you have $100, after all you’re starving college student. You choose your stock you go to purchase it and it costs $10. So, The question is why do you have to pay $10? Well, we all know why; someone has make money whenever you’re trading. Anyway, there are ways in which you can trade without having to spend any money at all. There’s one app that I use all the time which is called Robin Hood. With Robin Hood you can actually trade your stocks on your phone  or whatever for free. Hey do not charge fees to open or maintain an account, transfer funds, or buy stock. However, there are fees charged by the US Securities & Exchange Commission and FINRA on all sell orders. This fee is charged to all sell orders, independent of the brokerage. They do not benefit financially from these charges, and they are passed on the relevant regulatory agencies in full.

How does Robin Hood make its money? They make their money using the money that is still in the savings or deposit account holding cash for your trades. They will also make money through margin lending interest and interest on any uninvested customer cash deposits.

So if you looking to buy stocks online for free this is the way to go. After all, this is your money. Why would you give that money to somebody else?

This is the best solution if you are a college student, someone that has some extra cash lost play on stock market, maybe taking advantage of something happy in the world, or if you’re just plain old tired of paying somebody else when you trade your stocks. So have fun enjoy save your money, make some more money for you.

If you do consider joining, please use the links on this page to help support our cause and the kids.

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