Time Saver

Wrapping Up My Laptop Cord the Proper Way: 13.65 Hours Saved

Hmmm, another one. I’m lucky enough to work from home. But working from home somewhat boring. In addition, I get distracted by a lot of different things. So, I find myself going to different coffee shops and locations just to get out and See people. What […]

Time Hack – Save Time Putting Away the Dishes

Oh, this hit me hard when I realized it. When I moved in, I didn’t put a tremendous amount of time on the location of my dishes, silverware, glasses, coffee mugs, storage containers, etc. I really just chose what seemed to be the best set […]

These Life Hacks for Time Can Save You Hours in Your Lifetime!

Ok, so this is going to be an organic page. As I go through life and the end comes nearer, I evaluate my life. And, time is a commodity, you can’t get it back. It seems as though the little things in life I spend […]

Locking the Front Door Time Hack – Gain 14.52 Hours of Your Life Back

There are two locks on the front door, mainly the dead-bolt and the handle lock. Yes, this sounds really weird, but look at the number and the amount of time you will save in your life. I’m assuming if you have an app to unlock […]