Get Better Grades in School Without Studying More

Get better grades in school without studying more by drinking a glass of water prior to any test. Studies have shown that if you are dehydrated, your brain does not function as well. In fact drinking a glass of water 20-45 minutes before a test will […]

List of Invisible Habits

After reading the book, The Power of Habit, every morning I try to list out my invisible habits. I have to admit, this is one of my favorite books. Also, I typically use Audible for books like this. So, when I’m walking or driving, I can […]

Finding an Adjustable Portable Laptop Stand for my MacBook Pro When I Work Remotely

So, I have the ability to work from home. I honestly have to say it is by far the best way to ever work!!!! I can be anywhere and work. I can be at the beach, relatives, friends, coffee shops, restaurants, anywhere. Anyway, to get […]

Wrapping Up My Laptop Cord the Proper Way: 13.65 Hours Saved

Hmmm, another one. I’m lucky enough to work from home. But working from home somewhat boring. In addition, I get distracted by a lot of different things. So, I find myself going to different coffee shops and locations just to get out and See people. What […]

Time Hack – Save Time Putting Away the Dishes

Oh, this hit me hard when I realized it. When I moved in, I didn’t put a tremendous amount of time on the location of my dishes, silverware, glasses, coffee mugs, storage containers, etc. I really just chose what seemed to be the best set […]

These Life Hacks for Time Can Save You Hours in Your Lifetime!

Ok, so this is going to be an organic page. As I go through life and the end comes nearer, I evaluate my life. And, time is a commodity, you can’t get it back. It seems as though the little things in life I spend […]